VIRTUAL EXPO: June 1, 2024 to August 21, 2024

IN-PERSON EXPO: April 19, 2025 and April 20, 2025 | Downtown Ottawa

Elaine Cooper

Get Up & Grow! Children’s book – English Version | On Pousse!   French version– Get Up & Grow! is the story of a young girl’s bicycle adventure to her grandmother’s house & garden where she discovers magic seeds, a new friend, and her green thumbs. Here are excerpts from the book touching on bullying and diversity. “Sometimes the kids on the bus and at school called her names. She wanted to fit in”.  “This little creature was different than…” “…it was trembling in fear” …”

That young girl grew up to learn… you can always find a friend in the garden. How do I know anything about bullying and diversity? This is MY story. I know now I would have felt safer and free of fear if there had been kindness, understanding, and support. Today, I want kids to know that they are not alone if they are being bullied. That it’s ok to be different and that they can always find a friend in the garden. Together we can teach our youth essential day-to-day life skills through gardening & healthy living to reduce anxiety while building their self-confidence

Cooking Through Chaos – Recipes for putting the “F” into ‘FUN with Food’ inspired by generations of creative cooks.

Elaine Cooper is Your Better Living Coach, Wellness Warrior, Holistic Chef, Author, and Urban Gardenologist. Online and live group and individual gardening/healthy living programs guide you to revive not merely survive life’s chaos, with creative solutions from the ground up for living your best life.