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Basia Ruta


For 35+ years, Basia Ruta has empowered individuals and organizations, specializing in change management, transformation, and personal growth.

Basia is highly experienced in leading change projects, advising businesses, and mentoring entrepreneurs. She is a seasoned Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer with expertise in Personal Development and Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching and Land Healing.

As an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Life Mastery Coach, Love and Authenticity Practitioner, Geo-Energy Healer, and DreamBuilder Coach, Basia helps individuals overcome blocks and challenges, release limiting beliefs, align with their authentic selves, and step into their dreams and new opportunities.

Her wellness services also involve working with individuals and families to help them overcome or navigate chronic and terminal illness. This includes assisting those whose life journey is coming to an end, instilling calmness, serenity, peace of mind and empowered acceptance.

Basia’s mission is to illuminate the path to fulfillment, purpose, and self-empowerment. She provides transformational workshops, energy healings and coaching globally.

To learn more about Basia and her services visit https://linktr.ee/BasiaRC.




Healing Wounds of The Past – Guide to Authentic Living

Chapter 1 Life Transitions – Understanding And Facing Fear Towards Empowerment By Basia Ruta

Are you fed up with letting fear dictate your path?

Basia Ruta, an International Best-selling Author, whose words have touched hearts across the globe, is here to ignite your spirit with her chapter titled “Life Transitions: Understanding and Facing Fear Towards Empowerment.”

In this transformative chapter, Basia shares her invaluable insights—a culmination of wisdom gained through years of her own life trials, spiritual awakenings, letting go, moving on, and living life with purpose and authenticity. With the book “Healing Wounds of the Past: Guide to Authentic Living” soaring to #1 in Australia, the USA, and #2 in Canada, it’s clear that the topic and Basia’s messages in Chapter 1 resonate deeply with those who are ready to break free from fear’s chains.

Basia’s offers a roadmap to reclaim your strength and vitality. Picture yourself seizing that dream job, dealing with significant life transitions with empowerment, grace and serenity, nurturing that relationship you’ve always wanted and crafting a life you truly love—all while navigating fear as a catalyst for growth.

Now is your moment to rise above fear’s grip and step into your full potential and authentic self. Don’t let another day slip by without taking action!

Secure your copy of “Healing Wounds of the Past: Guide to Authentic Living” and join the ranks of those who’ve embraced Basia’s 10 transformative tips to unlock a life of purpose and vibrational harmony.

Your journey to empowerment starts now!