VIRTUAL EXPO: June 1, 2024 to August 21, 2024

IN-PERSON EXPO: April 19, 2025 and April 20, 2025 | Downtown Ottawa

Adam Cantor

1: The Great Book of Rational Oaths

Written by mysterious author, Shoy, with contributions from S.F. Raquadou (who claims to be a character in the Bible), the Grate Book of Rational Oaths is book of diverse daily affirmations and promises to the self.  Many of the oaths to be undertaken might not make sense to you personally, but when you find the one that does, you will immediately understand the point of this book.  It is an exercise in surrealism and a bold exploration of the human spirit.

2: Four books of poetry by Adam Cantor

Over a period of eleven years, the author undertook to write a poem a day for the full course of a 365 (or 366) day stretch.  Some of the successful results are included here.  In some ways, the idea of writing poems like this, as opposed to in the moment that inspiration strikes, might seem antithetical to the notion of what a poem is.  The results, however, yielded good things (sometimes).  Some are profane.  Some are sublime, that’s how it goes.  There are four books, and counting, in the series.

3: 100 Joeks

Chloe and Adam challenged each other to take a list of 50 randomly chosen words and turn them into “joeks”.  The results are unusual, to say the least.

4: Pinworm Odyssey

This is the long anticipated rock opera about pinworms, produced at Tenderhorn studios by generalgruff.  Every genre of music ever invented is covered in these 27 wonderful songs that span the course of time and history and explore the deeply embedded connections between human beings and one of their least appreciated travelling companions.

Company write-up:

Tenderhorn Press is part book company and part record company. We are champions of outsider art. We have no budget whatsoever. However, that said, we want to help facilitate the making of obscure and unusual works of art. We want to publish books and make albums for artists that can’t seem to pass through any other door frames. We want to make friends with beautiful weirdos. www.tenderhorn.com

Company write-up:

Adam Cantor runs Tenderhorn Press, a book and music publishing company.  He started this company and runs it from an office with a metal desk, which somehow makes it feel a bit more like legacy publishing.  This isn’t the only way he is chasing a notion of the world that probably doesn’t exist anymore; maybe it never did.  He writes poetry, and plays a variety of different musical instruments in different bands in Montreal.  He makes traditional furniture, and is a radio host, as well.  He is a not too bad baker.